Gynetics Will Sell Emergency Contraceptive Kit in Canada

New Jersey-based Gynetics, Inc., has granted Canada’s Roberts Pharmaceutical Corporation exclusive rights to market their PREVEN(TM) emergency contraceptive kit in Canada for the next 6 years.

The PREVEN kit is an FDA-approved product that prevents 75% of pregnancies when used within 72 hours of sex. The kits include instructions, a pregnancy test, and two pills containing progestin and estrogen hormones. They are available only to women who obtain a prescription from their doctors and cost about $20 each.

Gynetics Chair and Founder Roderick L. Mackenzie commented, “The introduction of the PREVEN(TM) emergency contraceptive kit in the U.S. was a major milestone in women’s reproductive healthcare. By making PREVEN(TM) available in Canada, this alliance demonstrates Gynetics’ global commitment to the development and marketing of pharmaceutical products and medical devices that advance the healthcare of women.”


Kaiser Family Foundation and Business Wire - May 13, 1999

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