Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, but while we celebrate the achievement of women throughout the world, we must also be aware of the injustices that still exist in the United States that prevent gender equality.

The U.S. is currently one of six U.N. member states, Pacific island nations of Tonga and Palua, Iran, Somalia, South Sudan and Sudan, to not ratify CEDAW, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women. The United States is the largest and most powerful country to not support CEDAW, essentially diminishing the important work the Convention has done to promote the safety and equality of women globally.

Over 130 countries have language in their laws preventing gender equality but the U.S is one of a few countries to not have gender equality language in its Constitution or laws. Additionally, only six countries have sufficient equal work rights for women and men. The U.S. falls short on both of these measures, and has yet to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

Currently, the United States ranks 51 out of 149 countries for gender equality. It is estimated that the world gender gap will take over 108 years to close, and the U.S. is a major contributor in the inequalities women face today.

International Women’s Day brings light to these issues that persist, while also empowering women around the world on the progress that has been made. Since it’s beginning in March of 1910, women have joined together in solidarity to raise awareness for women’s issues and celebrate the accomplishments of their peers. Throughout the years, passion to join the movement has been ignited around the world and global feminists have been successful in spreading feminist goals to communities worldwide.


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