Hate Groups Multiplying in the Northwest

The number of hate groups is growing in the Portland/Seattle area of the Northwest according to the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity. In its “Hate by State” report released yesterday, the coalition identified the location of 52 hate groups in the Northwest corridor, including the Aryan Nations, numerous chapters of the World Church of the Creator, and the Ku Klux Klan. Researchers correlate the growth of hate groups between Seattle and Portland with the increasing population of that area. Terre Rybovich, executive director of the coalition, explained that hate groups exploit problems within these communities. “When racial strife breaks out in a high schoolƒthere are (supremacist) groups ready and willing to leaflet high school and community meetings and recruit young people,” said Rybovich.


Seattle Post-Intelligencer - February 29, 2000, and Nando Times - February 29, 2000

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