High School Girl Allowed to Return to Weightlifting Class

A female star athlete at a Tennessee high school has been allowed to return to a weightlifting class, after being pulled from the class because she was the only girl. School officials said their decision to remove the student, Ambrea Phillips, from the class was based on a “safety issue.” “If it were my daughter, I wouldn’t want her in a class of 50 boys,” principal Bob McCracken told reporters, according to GenderPAC, a DC group that works to end gender-based violence and discrimination. Instead, the student, senior Ambrea Phillips, was given a job in the school office.

“Pencil pushing is a far-cry from a substitute for weightlifting,” said Sam Sewell, GenderPAC’s Youth Program Director. “Ambrea should not be sentenced to office work just because school officials equate a group of male athletes with danger to women.”

Phillips warned McCracken that he was in violation of Title IX. When state attorneys issued him the same warning, McCracken allowed Phillips back into the class, provided she always arrive 35 minutes early. However, according to Oak Ridge News, she arrived to class on time on January 12 without any problems from the school officials.

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