Home Depot Targeted for Class-Action Sex Discrimination Suit

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is attempting to intervene in a sex discrimination lawsuit against Home Depot, Inc. The EEOC asked a federal court to allow it to join an attempt by 22,000 women employees of the store to form a class action. The women, from 312 stores east of the Mississippi, claim that the company routed them into lower paying jobs and routinely denied them training and promotions. The chain is already facing a sex discrimination suit in New Jersey and a class action sex discrimination suit on the West Coast. If allowed to join in the case, it will be the largest sex discrimination suit the EEOC has participated in to date. James Lee, the regional director for the EEOC in New York commented, “We believe that the facts will show that there’s widespread discrimination on the part of Home Depot against women. We feel it’s the sort of case with national importance that the agency needs to bring it resources to bear on.”


The Washington Post - March 25, 1997

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