Homeland Security May Refuse Asylum for Abused Immigrant Women

The Department of Homeland Security is reviewing a 1994 policy that has allowed over 30,000 battered women immigrants to stay in the United States and become citizens.

While the department refuses to divulge specific details, it is reviewing whether to refuse green card requests for battered women if they entered the country illegally, according to the Sacramento Bee. Lawyers and advocates are advising that the requests for battered immigrants’ green cards are in limbo.

Advocates for battered women point out that abusive partners often restrain the woman from trying to get their green card and use their illegal status as a weapon to control them, reports Women’s eNews.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-CA, criticized the review and said, “We’re against illegal immigration, but we’re against domestic abuse and murder, too.”


Sacramento Bee 1/7/08; Women�s eNews 1/13/08

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