Honor Killing Goes Unpunished in Cleveland

Tweny-one-year-old Methal Dayem, who was fatally shot on January 8, 1999, refused to give up an independent lifestyle for the submissive version of womanhood that her male cousins attempted to force upon her in the name of Islam, prosecutors and female family members say. On July 26, Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Thomas J. Pokorny found Yezen Dayem innocent, due to DNA evidence found on gloves at the scene. Prosecutors presented evidence that Yezen Dayem’s car was seen near the scene, and that cellular phone records showed him placing a call one mile from the scene of the shooting around the time of the murder. A second cousin accused in the shooting, Musa Salleh, had his case dismissed for lack of evidence. Methal Dayem’s mother, sister and aunt were extremely angered by the decision, and are still seeking justice in this so-called honor killing.


Nando Times 25 July 2000

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