Hoster Testifies at McKinney Hearing

Retired Sgt. Maj. Brenda Hoster, the first woman to bring charges of sexual misconduct against the Army’s Top Enlisted Soldier, Sgt. Maj. of the Army, Gene McKinney, testified at his pre-trial hearing on Friday, July 25th, and Saturday, July 26th. Hoster testified that during a trip to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, McKinney, came into her hotel room, hit her with a pillow and told her she needed a good “butt whipping.” Hoster also testified that during a business trip to Hawaii, McKinney again came into her hotel room, but this time he grabbed and kissed her. He allegedly told Hoster that he needed her; Hoster replied by telling him that he needed his wife, who was just rooms down the hall. McKinney then allegedly looked down and commented, “Look what you have done to me.” Hoster testified that McKinney was referring to “his erection.”

Hoster reported the incidents, but was told to talk things over with McKinney. She did not report McKinney’s behavior again until she heard that he was to serve on a panel investigating the sexual harassment scandals at the Ordinance Schools at Aberdeen. Hoster sent McKinney a letter suggesting that he quit the panel or retire. He did neither, and subsequently, Hoster brought forth the allegations. Four other women have come forward with similar allegations against McKinney.

The defense attorneys for McKinney, on cross-examination, tried to question Hoster about her previous sex life. After objections from plaintiffs’ attorneys and a two-hour, closed-door conference with the judge, the defense dropped that line of questioning.


CNN Online - July 25 and 26, 1997

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