Hoster to Give Sworn Statement In McKinney Trial

Colonel Robert Jarvis, the presiding officer in the pretrial hearing on allegations of sexual misconduct by the Army’s top enlisted man, Sergeant Major of the Army Gene McKinney, has ruled that Retired Sergeant Major Brenda Hoster must give a sworn statement in the hearing against McKinney. Hoster accused McKinney of sexual harassment, but has refused to testify at a hearing to determine whether or not he will stand trial because other women who have testified against McKinney have been unfairly questioned about their past sexual lives by defense attorneys, she has said. Defense attorneys will be able to cross examine Hoster with regards to her statement, and lawyers for the defense said they have not ruled out probing into her past sex life. The Army is still considering whether or not to call Hoster back into active service, thereby forcing her to testify at the hearing itself.


Nando Net Journal- July 17,1997

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