House Judiciary Committee to Hear “Child Custody Protection Act”

The House Judiciary Committee will hold hearings on S.1645/H.R. 8682, the so-called “Child Custody Protection Act” today. The Senate Judiciary Committee heard this bill yesterday.

S. 1645/H.R. 8682 would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines for the purpose of obtaining an abortion unless the minor first complies with her home state’s abortion laws, which may require parental consent and/or waiting periods.

Mandating parental involvement can lead to family violence and abuse and prevent young women from obtaining necessary medical care. Moreover, these restrictions may cost young women their lives if they are forced to seek illegal, back alley abortions.

Take Action! Urge House and Senate Judiciary Committee Members to Oppose S.1645/H.R. 8682!

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AP - May 21, 1998

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