House Passes Two-Week Budget Measure

Yesterday the Republican-controlled House voted 335 to 91 to approve a two-week budget to avoid a government shutdown. The budget measure cuts $4 billion in federal spending. The vote was along party lines, with 229 Republicans and 104 Democrats voting in favor of the budget measure and 6 Republicans and 85 Democrats voting against it.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) stated, “So what is before us today is a short term, let’s just keep the government open two weeks, so we use that time to do the right thing. Use that time to have a reality check. A reality check on how we got these deficits in the first place and how tax cuts at the highest end, they do not create jobs but increase the deficit and are not the appropriate path to deficit reduction.”

According to the Washington Post, the budget proposal eliminates dozens of earmarks and a handful of programs. The proposal, which will expire March 18, will allow Congress to continue negotiations for the government budget. The Senate is scheduled to vote this morning.


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