House Votes in Favor of Global Family Planning Funding

In a widely anticipated vote, the 105th’s Congress first vote related to the abortion debate, the House voted (220-209) to release international family planning funds in March as opposed to July. The vote also increases the funds to $385 million. The measure does not impose limitations on funding, so groups who perform abortions can receive funds. The Senate is expected to act on the measure before the end of the month and President Clinton, if the Senate also passes it, is certain to sign the legislation. Gloria Feldt, President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, “This is a wonderful victory for women and children worldwide.”

Hours later, the House also passed (231-194) a measure which would prohibit the transfer of U.S. funds to family planning groups which provide abortion-related services. The prohibition would remain even if the abortions were paid for with private funds. The Senate is not expected to pass the second measure and, if not, President Clinton is expected to veto the measure.


The Los Angeles Times - February 14, 1997

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