Huge Gender Gap Found in NY Senate Race

GOP pollster Frank Lutz recently predicted that the race between Hilary Clinton and Rudolph Giuliani for the New York Senate will be much closer than was originally expected. According to his poll, this race has the deepest gender gap that has been recorded in recent years, with the large majority of women supporting Clinton, and the bulk of men opposing her.

Lutz’s poll, which has a 3.5% margin of error, shows Guiliani ahead with 48%. However, a New York Daily news poll showed Hilary ahead with a 47-39% lead. Clinton’s support is highest among middle-aged, middle-income, and married women, as well as the majority of women aged 18-39 and women over the age of 60.

This poll indicates that New York voters do not care whether or not Clinton is a native New Yorker, and that the carpetbagger issue is only prominent among Guiliani supporters. Lutz’s poll found that 18% of women embrace Clinton because of her gender and 14% because they agree with her political agenda.


Nando Times - June 29, 1999

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