Hundreds of Women Demand Greater Rights in Saudi Arabia

Over 300 Saudi women have petitioned the Saudi Crown Prince for greater rights. The women signatories include academics, intellectuals, and employees from various parts of the country.

According to Agence France Presse, the petition calls for new fields and specializations for women in universities and technical schools as well as an end to the need for permission from a guardian to work or go to school. In addition, the petition demands that qualified women be appointed to senior level decision making positions in ministries and government institutions. The petition also states that “in order to achieve these ambitions effectively, we suggest the foundation of a higher council for woman affairs,” reports Arabic News.

Currently, Saudi women cannot leave their homes unless covered entirely in black, and they have been banned from driving. They also cannot travel without permission from a male relative or husband.

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Agence France Presses 12/29/03; Arabic News 12/31/03

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