Idaho Parental Consent Law Ruled Unconstitutional

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals threw out an Idaho law last Friday that required parental consent for minors before they could obtain an abortion. The law was challenged by Planned Parenthood of Idaho and one of only four doctors who perform abortions in the state. Judge Marsha Benson, writing for the court, said the law was unconstitutional because its exceptions for the life and health of the minor were too limited, according to the Associated Press. Statistics show that the number of abortions performed in Idaho have dropped from 2,553 in 1980 to 738 in 2001, AP reports. Today 44 states have laws requiring either parental consent or notification prior to a minor obtaining an abortion. LEARN MORE Click here to read women’s narratives about barriers or successes in accessing reproductive health and family planning services. DONATE to protect the right to a safe, legal abortion


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