Illegal Immigrant Measure Dropped in California

Proposition 187, which “barred illegal immigrants and their children from receiving public education, social services and healthcare” has been dropped by California’s state government. The measure also revokes the requirements that healthcare providers, school administrators, and law enforcers turn in any suspected illegal immigrants to authorities.

Two aspects of Proposition 187 do remain, however. There are two laws that develop “state criminal penalties for creating, using and selling false documents to conceal illegal immigration status.” Much of what was contained in the bill is subsequently covered under federal immigration laws in 1996.

Gov. Grey Davis, who is opposed to the measure, said, “The [federal] agreement that has been reached over the months essentially embraces the spirit of Proposition 187.”

Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante added, “This is clearly a great day for mending what was a very dark period in California politics that was anti-immigrant and highly charged, and this will in fact close the door and start a new chapter.”


New York Times - July 30, 1999

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