Illinois Representative tells Sandra Fluke to “Get a Job”

Representative Joe Walsh (R-IL) told contraception advocate and Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke to “go get a job” at a campaign event on Saturday.

Congressman Walsh addressed a crowd of supporters in Addison, Illinois, on Saturday about Sandra Fluke’s speech at the Democratic National Convention. He said “Think about this, a 30, 31, 32 year old law student who has been a student for life, who gets up there in front of a national audience and tells the American people, ‘I want America to pay for my contraceptives.’ You’re kidding me. Go get a job. Go get a job Sandra Fluke. This is what – I was offended.”

Earlier this year, Fluke spoke out on the importance of the Obama Administration’s rule to ensure that students attending Catholic institutions have access to contraceptive coverage under the preventive care package of the Affordable Care Act. Conservative radio show host Rush Limbaugh attacked Fluke on his radio show, calling her a “slut.”

Walsh is currently running against Democratic candidate Tammy Duckworth, a wounded Iraq War veteran who lost both of her legs during a helicopter crash while serving.

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