India Supreme Court Considering Allowing Women into Mosques

India’s Supreme Court is now considering a case to allow women into mosques. Currently, most mosques in India do not allow women in at all or have a separate entrance for women to worship in a segregated area.

Individuals began a petition to allow women into mosques, arguing that women were allowed to do so during the time of Prophet Mohammed. The petition states, “Like men, women also have the constitutional rights to offer worship according to their belief.”

The attorney for the case states that the practice of not allowing women into mosques “not only repugnant to the basic dignity of a woman as an individual, but also violative of their fundamental rights.”

Last year, India lifted a ban on the entry of women of menstrual age into Hindu temples stating it violated their right to worship. The petition argues this ruling should be used as precedent for their case.


Media Resources: Reuters 4/16/19; India Today 4/16/19

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