Indian Teacher Without Burqa Banned from Class

Late last week, a student organization in India refused a teacher access to her class unless she wore a burqa. The organization has demanded all female students and professors at Aliah University wear the burqa at all times.

The teacher, Sirin Middya, said she is a devout Muslim, but when she refused the garment, she was banned from class. Middya said, “Most of the teachers do not like the diktat of the students to wear the burqa, but they have no option but to accept it. This is the Talibanisation of educational premises and there is no one to come to our rescue,” reported to Asia One News.

The Straits Times quoted Vice Chancellor Syed Shamshul Alam, saying “This is a stray incident … there is no dress code in our university.” However, Alam has reportedly requested Middya teach at another Aliah campus.

Middya continued, “The students have threatened us and have put up banners saying those who oppose the burqa rule can go back home.”


Associated Press 7/29/10; The Straights Times 7/29/10; Asia One News 7/29/10

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