Indiana Senate Approves Abortion Bill

The Indiana State Senate voted yesterday to approve a bill that requires women seeking an abortion to be told that there is differing medical evidence about whether a fetus feels pain. The bill, which passed 39-9, also requires doctors or clinics to tell women there are physical risks to having an abortion and that potential adoptive parents may legally cover the costs associated with birth, reports the Courier-Journal.

The bill also mandates that women be told that embryos begin to divide and grow immediately upon fertilization, reports the Indiana Star.

This version of the bill is slightly watered down from the original language, which would have required women to be told that a fetus might feel pain and that human life begins at fertilization, according to the Associated Press. The bill now moves to the Democratically-controlled Senate. funny pictures funny images funny photos funny animal pictures funny dog pictures funny cat pictures funny gifs


Associated Press 1/29/08; Indiana Star 1/29/08; Courier-Journal 1/29/08

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