Inequity in Japanese Business Staggering

Japan hold’s second place in international economic power. Women account for half of the nations workforce, but comprise only 0.2 percent of corporate directors in Japan. This statistic is much lower than the United States 11.2 percent and even Britain’s 5 percent.

“These are all pathetic numbers,” points out Irene Natividad co-President of the Women Board Directors International. “Glass ceilings for women in business have also created glass ceilings in boardrooms.”

In Japan the multinational automobile, electronics, and computer companies are completely male dominated. Women are generally offered only one board seat in companies in these industries.

Inequity can be found in Japanese government as well. Women make up 8 percent of legislators in Parliament.

Women’s groups suggest that in the midst of the country’s financial crisis it is important for women to come together to discuss ways of contributing to building the success of corporations.


Womenconnect.com - November 13, 1998

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