Interior Department Examines Govt. Ties to Boy Scouts

Following the recent Supreme Court decision allowing the Boy Scouts to continue their ban on gay scoutmasters, the Interior Department is conducting a review of its relationship with the Boy Scouts to determine whether ties violate the President’s June executive order prohibiting government participation with educational groups that discriminate against gays and lesbians. The department will examine government involvement in the national Scout jamboree, participation in the award of certificates and merit badges, and monetary and non-monetary assistance. The review prompted a strong response from the Republican party, including presidential nominee George W. Bush, who said “I’m troubled by this memo appearing to suggest that the Clinton-Gore administration might sever the federal government’s long-standing relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.” The Boy Scouts of America, in a June 28 press release, defended its ban on gay scout leaders in the name of “morality” and “diversity.”


Associated Press, U.S. News _ September 1, 2000

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