Iran Selects Women’s Rights Film as Oscar Nominee

Iran announced its decision to submit a film that defends women’s rights to compete in the foreign film category of the Oscars. The film, written by women’s rights advocate Kambosia Partovi, is about a widowed woman working to keep up her late husband’s restaurant while deflecting her brother-in-law’s requests to marry her, following the tradition of taking her as his second wife, according to the Globe and Mail.

Partovi is well known for his argument against the subordination of women, according to the Guardian Mail. He also wrote the 2000 Golden Lion winner, Circle, as well as I, Taraneh, 15 Years Old, both of which also represent the problems women face in Iran.


Mehr News 10/1/06; Guardian 10/2/06; Globe and Mail 10/2/06

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