Iraq’s Newly Appointed Cabinet Includes Six Women

Iraq’s National Assembly has approved a list of 36 new cabinet members that includes six women.

The female members of cabinet include Suhaila Jaafar as Minister of Migration and Displacement, Jwan Massoum as Minister of Communications, Nasreen Berawari as Minster of Municipalities and Public Works, Narmin Othman as Minster of the Environment, Azhar al-Sheikhli as Minister of State for Women’s Affairs, and Bassima Boutros as Minister of Science and Technology, reports CNN.

The new cabinet was appointed soon after an armed gunmen assassinated a female member of the National Assembly, Sheikha Lamea Khadouri, at her home, making her the first elected official killed since the January 30th elections. According to the New York Times, Khaddouri was one of 90 female members of the 275 member National Assembly. She had survived two previous assassination attempts and recently stated after a television interview that she was afraid that she would be killed for being on television.


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