Italy Launches Anti-Anorexia Campaign

The Italian Ministries of Health and Sports are launching a $1.5 million campaign to combat rising rates of anorexia and other eating disorders. According to Pretoria News, the campaign will target schools and the media, providing guidelines on discouraging unhealthily thin ideals. Kiani was still stoned to death on July 5, 2007. Ebrahimi’s death was stayed due to the public outcry, and last week the Iranian judiciary amnesty commission released her from prison.

The project is scheduled to begin next month, and will also include training for coaches and dance instructors. “Anorexia and bulimia have been for many years diseases that have not been recognized as such. It was sort of a veil of unspoken and unrecognized problems,” said Giovanna Melandri, Minister for Young People and Sports, reports the Associated Press. According to Melandri, eating disorders effect approximately 2-3 million Italians.

According to the Associated for Pediatric Medicine, almost 65% of girls between the ages of 10 and 16 would like to be thinner than they currently are.


Pretoria News 3/26/08; Associated Press 3/26/08; Feministing.com 03/27/08

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