IWF Launches Anti-Feminist Ad Campaign on Campuses

In an effort to thwart feminist student activism on college campuses nationwide, the conservative Independent Women’s Forum has unveiled a major anti-feminist advertisement campaign, called “Take Back the Campus.” Already in three college papers, the full-page ad lists “the 10 Most Common Feminist Myths,” disputing the accuracy of the college rape statistics and criticizing Women’s Studies Departments. The Independent Women’s Forum was founded in 1992 by the wives of prominent right-wing politicians such Lynne Cheney, wife of Vice-President Dick Cheney and Wendy Lee Gramm, wife of Senator Phill Gramm (R-TX). Its purpose was to be the counterpoint to feminist groups and has supported ultra-conservative women’s campus groups such as Georgetown University’s Women’s Guild.


Women's E-News, Independent Women's Forum

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