Jeffords’ Defection May Affect Abortion Issue Most

NPR’s Julie Rovner reported Friday (“All Things Considered”) that abortion may be the issue “most affected” by Sen. James Jeffords’ (I-VT) decision to leave the Republican party. University of Akron political scientist John Green pointed out that until last week, Republican anti-abortion leaders were looking to restrict the availability of abortion through direct legislation (e.g. a late-term abortion ban), through funding requirements, and through regulations on science and technology. Kate Michelman of the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (NARAL) said that Jeffords’ switch shifted the balance “toward a more forceful opposition to exretme policies pushed by the administration and by the far-right members of Congress, both houses, who dominate the committees.” Michelman also stressed that right-wing nominations to federal court positions, including the Supreme Court, were less likely to make it through the current Senate. (Learn more about the Supreme Court and abortion rights at www.Million4Roe.com.)



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