Joan Fitz-Gerald Loses Congressional Democratic Primary in Colorado

Joan Fitz-Gerald lost her bid to Jared Polis for the 2nd district Congressional seat in the Colorado Democratic primary last night. This primary’s results are one of the first feminist defeats of this election cycle. With 99% of precincts reporting, Polis received 41.7% of the votes and Fitz-Gerald received 38.0%. A third candidate, Will Shafroth, received 20.3% of the vote.

Fitz-Gerald was wildly outspent by Polis, a multimillionaire who poured over $6 million of his own money into the race. His spending makes it the most costly race in Colorado history.

Fitz-Gerald is a leading feminist and former Colorado state Senate president. She has also served as the Chair of the national Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee. In this position, she led a nationwide campaign to increase the number of democrats, especially women, in state legislatures.


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