Jones Rejects Settlement, Seeks New Counsel

Paula Corbin Jones is interviewing new counsel in her 3-year-old sexual harassment dispute with U.S. President Clinton after refusing a $700,000 settlement proposed by her lawyers. Jones counsel, Joe Cammarata and Gil Davis, asked for permission to withdraw from the case if Jones refused to settle. Jones refused to grant this permission, and Cammarata and Davis have since asked U.S. District Court Judge Susan Webber Wright for permission to withdraw from Jones’ case, citing a “difference of opinion.”

A spokesperson for Jones, Susan Carpenter McMillan, claims that Cammarata and Davis are “are hell-bent on settling” and “don’t really want to go to trial.” According to McMillan, Jones rejected the latest settlement because she disagreed with the wording of Clinton’s apology. Cammarata and Davis have refused to comment, citing attorney-client privilege.


The Washington Post - September 6, 1997

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