Judge Dismisses Suit Attempting to Link Breast Cancer to Abortions

San Diego Superior Court Judge Ronald Prager dismissed a lawsuit this week filed by a Michigan anti-abortion group demanding that Planned Parenthood inform women of a possible link between abortion and breast cancer. Prager threw the case out, arguing that the Thomas More Law Center, who filed the suit in August, infringed on Planned Parenthood’s First Amendment rights, and had failed to demonstrate a likelihood that it could prove its case if they had gone to trial. The Thomas More Law Center argued that substantial scientific evidence links breast cancer and abortion, a common myth among the anti-abortion movement. Currently, no definitive study linking breast cancer and abortions exists. Planned Parenthood’s legal representative called the lawsuit an attempt to “intimidate women with junk science.”


San Diego Union-Tribune 3/21 and Feminist Majority Foundation

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