Judge Rejects Abortion Breast Cancer Scare Tactic

A state judge ruled last week that a North Dakota abortion clinic could distribute information stating that there is no established link between having an abortion and getting breast cancer. Judge Michael McGuire relied on testimony from leading epidemiologists and endocrinology experts who confirmed statements made in the clinic brochures refuting this common claim among anti-abortion activists. In formulating the brochures, the abortion clinic relied on scientific data from the National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, which both conclude that there is no established relationship between the two subjects.

Linda Rosenthal, a staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Law and Policy and lead counsel in the case applauded the ruling stating, “This ruling should put to rest the unethical anti-choice tactic of using pseudo-science to harass abortion clinics and scare women.”


Center for Reproductive Law and Policy News Release, 3/28/02

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