Justice Kagan Sworn In

Honorable Elena Kagan became the 112th United States Supreme Court Justice when she was sworn in on Saturday. Kagan took two oaths, according to AFP: one in a private ceremony with Chief Justice John Roberts and her family, and a second in a public ceremony. Kagan is the fourth female justice to ever serve on the United State’s highest court. Her swearing-in marks the first period in US history during which three women will serve simultaneously on the Supreme Court. Justice Sonia Sotomayer and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg attended Justice Kagan’s swearing-in ceremony, according to AFP. Democracy Now reports that Kagan spoke about her confirmation alongside President Obama at a press conference at the White House on Friday, stating, “This appointment is not just an honor. Much more importantly, it is an obligation, an obligation to protect and preserve the rule of law in this country, an obligation to uphold the rights and liberties afforded by our remarkable Constitution, and an obligation to provide what the inscription on the Supreme Court building promises: equal justice under law.” Kagan’s formal investiture ceremony is expected to take place at the Supreme Court on October 1, three days before the start of the next Supreme Court term, according to Reuters.


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