Kansas State House Passes Abortion Legislation

Two anti-choice bills passed yesterday in the Kansas state House and will now move to the state Senate. A bill that would increase the level of information clinics provide to women seeking abortions was approved in an 85 to 37 vote and a second bill that would change reporting requirements for late-term abortions was approved in an 82 to 40 vote according to the Kansas City Star.

The first bill requires clinics to offer more information on fetal development, to post signs that indicate that coerced abortions are illegal, and to offer that women seeking abortions see a sonogram before undergoing the procedure, according to the Kansas City Star. The late-term abortion reporting bill would require that doctors diagnose and report the condition that allows the abortion under Kansas law to the state Department of Health and Environment, according to the Kansas Liberty.


Kansas City Star 3/4/09; Kansas Liberty 3/3/09

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