Kentucky Meeting Focuses on Importance of Women Business Owners

Phyllis Hill Slater, the incoming president of the 10,000-member National Association of Women Business Owners, addressed the group’s Lexington, Kentucky chapter’s annual meeting on June 24th. Hill Slater discussed the importance of women in America’s business landscape and future. Hill Slater said that the group helps women by allowing women to network and for more experienced women business owners to mentor women just starting their businesses. She commented at the meeting, “I think women have a very important role to play in [improving society and diversifying the workforce], becauseƒ[w]e’re the top honchosƒwhen it comes to moral and cultural design in this country.” There are approximately 8 million female-owned businesses in the United States, which employ 18.5 million people and generate annual revenues of $2.3 trillion. Hill Slater and her daughter own Hill Slater Inc., a 23-employee engineering and construction support services firm.


The Lexington Herald Leader - June 24, 1997

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