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Kenyan Groups Empowering Women Are Also Changing Their Communities

Thanks to three different women’s groups in Kenya, rural villages are prospering.

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Many women in Kenya’s Kasigau Corridor are considered second class citizens. There are many struggles that families face as a result, like poverty, deforestation, the spread of HIV/AIDS, and lack of education. The Neema Women’s Group, Bungule Women’s Group, and Bugata Disabled and Handicapped Group all empower women to give back to their communities financially and environmentally.

One of the leading solutions is to usher women into leadership roles. Women are more likely to give back to their communities than men which allows developing countries to advance at a quicker rate. Some projects the women have taken on include weaving baskets, creating crafts to sell overseas, and making eco-charcoal. From the money that they make, these women give back. The groups build water tanks for their communities, buy solar lights and clean cook stoves, and provide an education for their children.

“When I consider that their (the women’s) reach touches more than 10% of the region,” said author and visitor to Kenya’s Kasigau Corridor Geoff Livingston, “it is clear that the home improvements, education and general living improvements are lifting the morale of the region.”

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