Key Elements of Health Reform Implemented

Today is a key day for the implementation of many new features of health care reform under the Affordable Care Act that will affect women and families. There are new limitations on health insurers, and new rights for consumers. As of today, September 23, if you buy or join a new health plan: – The plan must cover recommended preventive services without co-pays or deductibles (such as mammograms, PAP smears, prenatal care, blood pressure and obesity screening, colon cancer screening, tests for diabetes or high blood pressure, smoking cessation interventions) – The plan cannot discriminate against a child with a pre-existing condition – The plan cannot retroactively drop your coverage due to an honest error on your application – The plan cannot impose lifetime dollar limits on the benefits they will pay (which will have a huge impact on expensive services as cancer treatment) – The plan can’t charge you more for emergency services obtained at an are out-of-network facility – You have a right to appeal their decisions to an independent service – You have a right to choose own doctor within your provider’s network – You have a right to choose an OBGyn without a referral from another physician – You can retain your children up to age 26 on your plan, unless they have coverage available at work


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