Kick-Box in Aid of Domestic Violence Survivors

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence will host the 1st Annual National Aerobic Kick-Boxing Marathon: Helping Families Get Fit on May 23,1999.

Gyms across the nation are encouraged to participate in the marathon by hosting a three-hour aerobic kick-boxing class in support of NCADV. “The marathon was conceived out of the sense of empowerment and well-being that is experienced by people who regularly participate in aerobic kick-boxing,” said NCADV Development Director John Josephson. Josephson and NCADV staff are working to make the event empowering for women who have experienced domestic violence as well as for those who are committed to making “every home a safe home.”

Master martial arts trainer Ramona Pfenning has first-hand knowledge of how participation in kick-boxing can bolster women’s confidence. “I’ve taken great pride in witnessing first-hand the drastic changes in many of my students attitudes toward themselves,” Pfenning said.

NCADV staff members hope that at least 2000 gyms will participate in the marathon and encourage other nations to host similar events in support of their local shelters. For more information about NCADV and the 1st Annual Aerobic Kick-Boxing Marathon, call John Josephson at 303-839-1852.


U.S. Newswire - February 9, 1999

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