Kidnappings, Rape, and Torture Reported in Kabul

As Taliban soldiers began to flee Kabul about three weeks ago, they kidnapped girls and young women from the area, according to Northern Alliance officials and Kabul residents. They also took women kept as prisoners for disobeying Taliban decrees on behavior and dress. No one knows exactly how many women are missing, but officials estimate that the number is in the hundreds. Now that Taliban rule has ended in Kabul, residents are also speaking out about the horrific acts of violence committed by the Taliban against women there, including rape, torture, and forced marriage. The Northern Alliance claims it is working to establish judicial and police offices to respond to the reports, has found twenty girls kidnapped by Taliban soldiers, and has arrested foreign Taliban soldiers remaining in Kabul after the Taliban’s retreat. The Feminist Majority has not been able to verify these claims.

To find out how you can help Afghan women restore their rights and regain their political voice, log on to www.HelpAfghanWomen.com.


Chicago Tribune, 11/27/01; Feminist Majority

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