Kopp Accomplices to Stand Trial

The anti-abortion extremists who allegedly provided money, shelter, and support to former fugitive James Charles Kopp will now stand trial July 30 for obstruction of justice. Loretta Marra and Dennis Malvasi are suspected of helping Kopp, who is charged in the 1998 murder of Amherst, New York abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian, elude law enforcement for over two years. Authorities had been monitoring Marra and Malvasi’s communications for several months. Relying on an Internet email account and a variety of false identities, Malvasi, a convicted clinic bomber, and Marra, an often-arrested clinic blockader previously arrested with Kopp, allegedly were able to aid and abet Kopp while he was a fugitive. Law enforcement arrested Marra and Malvasi after capturing Kopp in Dinan, France last year.

Authorities are also in the process of bringing Kopp, formerly on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list, to the United States to stand trial for murder. An extradition order was signed last month, but an additional appeal process could delay Kopp’s return for up to a year. In addition to the slaying of Dr. Slepian, Kopp has also been indicted for the 1995 shooting of Ontario abortion provider Dr. Hugh Short and is the primary suspect in three additional shootings of abortion providers in Canada and New York.


Associated Press, 4/3/02; Feminist Majority Foundation

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