Kopp Charged in Slepian Murder

Police have issued an arrest warrant for James C. Kopp, 44, of St. Albans, Vt., in the October 23, 1998 sniper-style shooting of abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian. Slepian was killed in the kitchen of his Amherst, NY home shortly after he and his family had returned from synagogue.

“We have probable cause to believe this man, James Kopp, is responsible for the death of Dr. Bernard Slepian,” said Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark.

Kopp was named as a material witness early on in the Slepian investigation, after witnesses reported seeing Kopp’s car in Slepian’s neighborhood in the weeks preceding the shooting. A hair that is believed to be Kopp’s was also found near the site of the shooting. A high-powered assault rifle that is believed to be the murder weapon was found buried about 200 feet behind the Slepian’s home just last month.

Officials have thus far been unable to find Kopp, who officials say has traveled great distances to participate in anti-abortion demonstrations.


AP - May 6, 1999

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