KS Law Could Force Abortion Clinics to Close

The Kansas Department of Health and the Environment announced that it will notify the state’s three abortion clinics on July 1 concerning whether the clinics will receive the necessary licenses to continue operating. Peter Brownlie, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Missouri, expressed his concern that by imposing the new regulations, which were issued on June 17, so quickly, the health department would force the clinics to close. Brownlie stated, “Certainly it’s unfair. It is rushed. It is disorderly. It is confused.”

As a result of a new state law, signed by Governor Sam Brownback (R) in May, abortion clinics must be licensed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, which is authorized to regulate buildings and equipment for the clinics and to conduct inspections of the clinics twice yearly.

According to the regulations, clinics offering abortion services are required to have an emergency door large enough to accommodate a gurney and must comply with standards for lighting ventilation, and lavatory areas. If the clinics do not comply with the established standards, the Department can then issue fines and file lawsuits to have the clinics closed.

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