KS Official Admonished for Abortion Investigation Misconduct

The Kansas Board for Discipline of Attorneys has administered an informal admonition of former Deputy Attorney General Eric Rucker because of allegations of misconduct in an abortion investigation. The board had been considering allegations that Rucker made false statements to the Kansas Supreme Court about an investigation of abortion providers in Overland Park and Wichita, Kansas, while he served as Chief Deputy to then Attorney General Phil Kline from 2003 to 2007, according to WIBW. Kline is also accused of violating professional ethics during his offices’ investigation of abortion providers as Kansas Attorney General and as Johnson County District Attorney, according to the Associated Press. A disciplinary hearing for Kline is scheduled for November to address allegations that he lied before the Kansas Supreme Court, misled a Johnson County grand jury, and discussed an ongoing case on “The O’Rielly Factor”. Kline was subpoenaed during the Scott Roeder trial because Kline attempted to prosecute Dr. George Tiller before he was murdered. Part of the aforementioned investigation of abortion providers included an investigation of Dr. Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas. According to the Topeka Capital Journal, Rucker lied during testimony before the Kansas Supreme Court, claiming that the Attorney General’s office had never sought the names of adult patients at this clinic. In actuality, the Attorney General’s office identified 221 adult patients of Women’s Health Care Services.


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