Kuwaiti Women Vow to Keep Fighting for Rights

Kuwaiti women’s rights advocates are making plans for their next attempt to gain political rights for women despite the Parliament’s second rejection of their rights on Tuesday in a 32-30 vote.

Kawthar al-Jowan, who leads the political committee of the Union of Women’s Association declared that “We are studying different tactics. We have to gain these rights.”

Many lawmakers voted against the bill proposing women’s political rights because of pressure from constituents and tipped the vote in favor of conservative Sunni fundamentalist Muslims who form a substantial bloc on the Parliament and vehemently oppose women’s rights.

Advocates for women’s rights remain undaunted, however, and were encouraged by the closeness of the vote.

“One thing I know for sure, in 2003, women will have their political rights,” proclaimed Mohammad al-Saqer, one of the liberal lawmakers who sponsored the bill that was defeated Tuesday.


Nando Times - December 2, 1999

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