Kuwaiti Women’s Rights Activists Protest for the Right to Vote

Several hundred Kuwaiti women demanded support for women’s rights outside Kuwait’s parliament while the all-male assembly was considering a new law that would grant women the right to vote. Last May, Kuwait’s cabinet approved a law granting women political rights, reports BBC News.

According to Reuters, Kuwaiti newspapers are reporting that Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheik Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah threatened to dissolve parliament if it did not approve the bill, saying “We have big hopes the female suffrage draft bill will be approved.” However, Islamist groups in the assembly have stated that they will thwart the law, as they had done to similar measures over the past few years.

Kuwaiti women’s rights activists have been fighting for the right to vote for over 40 years. Currently, women are not allowed to vote or be elected in only two countries, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

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