L.A. Rep. Maxine Waters endorses Lieberman for V.P.

In an effort to mend a crack in the Democratic platform, soon-to-be vice presidential nominee Joseph Lieberman spoke to the party’s black caucus on Tuesday in Los Angeles about issues that had key black political leaders concerned. Issues in question were Lieberman’s advocating of experimental school voucher programs, and his support for Proposition 209, a 1996 California initiative that would have banned state-funded affirmative action programs. Lieberman firmly stated that he only supported a school voucher system that would not detract from the public school education budget, and that he is in total support of affirmative action programs. Maxine Waters (D-Los Angeles), an African American politician who had been very vocal about her concerns regarding Lieberman’s stances, granted her sought after endorsement after Lieberman spoke to the black caucus. “It clears the air,” said Waters. “He has said enough. He has done enough. I feel comfortable in campaigning for him.”


LA Times 16 August 2000

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