LA Times Editorializes in Support of Mifepristone, Against FDA Possible Restrictions

The LA Times joined other major newspapers in urging immediate FDA approval of mifepristone without unnecessary restrictions. Criticizing the FDA’s consideration of restrictions that would limit availability of mifepristone as a method of early abortion, the LA Times editorial urges “Science should govern the FDA’s decisions on RU 486. There should be no more waffling.” The FDA restrictions which are currently under discussion would severely limit which doctors could provide the pill. These restrictions are unprecedented and have no medical justification. The editorial stresses the importance of mifepristone to expanding abortion access and curtailing clinic violence. In recent weeks, the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer and other news outlets have expressed support for mifepristone and opposition to obstacles to its availability in the United States.


Los Angeles Times- 22 June 2000

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