Labor Wrap-up

Wisconsin: After three days of debate, Republicans in the Wisconsin General Assembly passed an anti-union bill that proposes to reduce state workers’ wages between six and eight percent and take away the right of unions to collectively bargain for benefits, hours, and working conditions. The vote occurred at 1:00 am this morning and was closed within seconds, before 25 of the 38 Democrats could vote. The fourteen Democratic Wisconsin Senators who secretly fled the state last week, have vowed to remain outside the state until Republican Governor Scott Walker agrees to negotiate with them.Union supporters continue to camp out in the Capitol rotunda and tens of thousand are gathering daily.

Ohio: Republican lawmakers have agreed to modify the bill prohibiting collective bargaining to allow public workers to negotiate on their wages.

Michigan: Republican Governor Rick Snyder has agreed to negotiate with state employees regarding their collective bargaining rights.

Indiana: Republican Governor Mitch Daniels and Indiana Republicans have agreed to abandon the “right to work” bill, which would have made it against the law for employers to require their employees to join or remain a member of a union.


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