LAPD Scandal Deepens

Six more officers in the Los Angeles Police Department were charged with misconduct yesterday for allegedly shooting unarmed gang members and framing them for crimes they did not commit. The six are also accused of delaying calling an ambulance for a victim bleeding to death as a result of the shooting. These officers are just a few in the dozens of officers charged with misconduct since a widespread police scandal broke last fall. Federal and local investigations are underway to attempt to rectify the crimes allegedly committed by LAPD officers, including wrongful conviction of suspects, brutal beatings, and rape. Katherine Spillar, National Coordinator of the Feminist Majority Foundation, and Penny Harrington, head of the National Center for Women & Policing, argue, “Introducing significantly greater numbers of women to the force would reduce police brutality incidents.” Research nationally and internationally has shown that women are less likely to use excessive force, and are better at defusing potentially violent situations.


Washington Post - 27 July, 2000

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