Lawsuit Launched Against the Vatican for Sex-Abuse Scandal

Two men, who claim to have been sexually abused by priests as teenagers, have filed lawsuits in Florida and Oregon that accuse the Vatican of conspiring with church dioceses and religious orders to protect sex offenders and pedophiles operating within the church. The suit is not the first attempt to sue the Vatican in connection with sex abuse, according to Rev. Thomas Doyle, formerly with the Vatican embassy in Washington, but no suit against the Vatican has ever been successful. Jeffrey Anderson, the attorney who filed the suit, says that he believes that the suit now has a chance. Anderson has been involved in over 400 lawsuits concerning priest pedophilia but has never attempted to sue the Vatican before now. Anderson told Reuters that he now has evidence that the Vatican supported policies that encouraged bishops and dioceses to conceal sex abuse and pedophilia.


Reuters, 4/3/02; Associated Press, 4/4/02

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