Lawsuit Possible if SD Governor Signs Anti-Abortion Bill

Planned Parenthood announced that it would file a lawsuit against South Dakota if Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) signs an anti-abortion bill that would impose a 72 hour waiting period on women seeking abortions. The bill would also require women to receive counseling at a “pregnancy help center” or crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) prior to obtaining an abortion. These centers are typically run by anti-abortion volunteers who are not licensed medical professionals and may prevent women from receiving neutral and comprehensive medical advice.

Sarah Stoesz, CEO of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota described the bill as, “an egregious violation of the Constitution.” Current South Dakota law requires that women wait for 24 hours before having an abortion. Under South Dakota law, Women seeking abortions in the state must also be given an opportunity to view a sonogram.

Governor Daugaard has until March 24 to sign the bill. His spokesman, Joe Kafka, indicated that the the Governor will likely sign the bill, despite the possibility of a lawsuit.


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